Ghana Fish

Long-term vision

We’ve been able to lay an incredible foundation in Ghana over the last several years, but many challenges remain. When we step back and view our process, it is evident that the aquaculture portion is the piece that is slowing us down. Almost all of our goals would quickly become attainable if we could pour significant – but necessary – resources into this part of our process.

Our vision is to create and fund a team of experts who will own the aquaculture process from start to finish.

This would include a hatchery, better cages, fish food factory, and cold stores across Ghana that would sell harvested fish. It would mean the aquaculture piece was done better and also allow us to focus on what we do best – establish new village partnerships and ensure the children and families we’ve reunited have the tools they need to be successful.

A fully funded aquaculture process will allow us to work in upwards of 30 new villages over the next five years resulting in the rescue and reintegration of more than 500 trafficked children. This is the next giant step forward for our work in Ghana.

View the link below for further information, and join us in the Ghana Fish initiative!

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