Our first project was in the village of Adovepke (Ah-Doe-Vu-Pay). Adovepke is an island of about 400 people that Mercy Project started visiting in January 2012. Though initially hesitant, the villagers and fishermen there asked many good questions and overall showed a desire to learn a new way of living without having to use their trafficked children.

In April 2012, the village signed a written agreement, formalizing their intent to partner with Mercy Project on an aquaculture project. In return, Adovepke agreed to release their trafficked children to us – Mercy Project’s first group of rescued kids. The aquaculture project was implemented at the beginning of July, and all 24 of Adovepke’s trafficked children were rescued off the lake in September 2012.

Primary Goals

  • Build lasting relationships with the people of Adovepke
  • Implement first aquaculture development project (July 2012)
  • Empower Adovepke to maintain and grow aquaculture business free of our assistance
  • Rescue first group of trafficked children (Late Fall 2012)

Project has been fully funded!

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Project Timeline

05.01.13 Continue follow-up visits

May through the present, we continue to monitor and strengthen our relationship with the village as well as their aquaculture project.

04.06.13 All children reintegrated

The entire rescued group of Adovepke children has been reintegrated to their families. Our Social Worker will continue to follow up and check on the children and their families.

09.29.12 The first group of kids is freed

24 children were taken from the village to the rehabilitation center to be prepared for being reunited with their families.

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07.06.12 Aquaculture cages implemented

Aquaculture cages are built and implemented; tilapia fingerlings are added to cages

Fully Funded
05.03.12 Financial goal reached

Thanks to many generous donations, the entire project at Adovepke is funded
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04.18.12 Census of trafficked children

Mercy Project begins official census of how many child slaves are currently used in Adovepke

04.11.12 Formal agreement signed by village

Village officially commits to our proposed plan for implementing a new system of aquaculture

02.03.12 Continued visits and conversation with village

Strengthened relationship with village and proposed ideas for economic development aid

01.01.12 First visit to the village

Mercy Project makes first visit to analyze immediate and long term needs