As our model village, the people of Awudzakorpe (Ah-Wu-Ja-Co-Pay) have become more like friends than strangers to us. This village of 500 gave up all 50 of their trafficked children before we arrived and were anxious to partner with Mercy Project on a test economic development project.

In July 2011, a team of Mercy Project supporters implemented a field of sustainable cassava for the village to expand their farming abilities. We also delivered processing tools to help speed up the production of the cassava so that the village could begin turning a profit at market. Now, Awudzakorpe is thriving economically; we enjoy visiting this village and continue to follow their progress.

Primary Goals

  • Implement a test economic development project
  • Provide a sustainable project and build lasting relationships
  • Create a model for other villages on Lake Volta

Project has been fully funded!

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Project Timeline

09.01.11 Continued follow-up visits

September through the present, we continue to monitor and strengthen our relationship with the village

07.01.11 Agriculture project implemented

Delivered processing equipment and planted cassava farm

Fully Funded
05.01.11 Financial goal reached

Thanks to many generous donations, the entire project at Awudzakorpe is funded
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05.09.11 Project agreement finalized

Village officially agrees to a partnership; start preparing for implementation

03.02.11 Follow-up visits & continued partnership conversation

Met with the village again to continue the prospect of partnering with them

01.01.11 First visit to the village