Our second project is in the village of Sabonjeda. Sabonjeda is a large village on Lake Volta that Mercy Project initially visited in January 2013.

Lake Volta coast



Our first project and rescue was in the village of Adovepke. Adovepke is an island of about 400 people that Mercy Project initially visited in January 2012.




This village of 500 gave up all 50 of their trafficked children before we arrived and were anxious to partner with Mercy Project on a test economic development project.


Kids Helping Kids

During the month of August, leading up to Labor Day, Mercy Project hosts Kids Helping Kids: Creating a Meaningful Labor Day. On a holiday in which we enjoy time off to celebrate freedom, we are mindful of the many children in Ghana who do not share in those freedoms. Because of that reality, we ask parents, grandparents, […]