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Our Journey To Freedom


We are an innovative nonprofit working to eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa.


Mission Statement

Mercy Project’s mission is to rescue children from slavery. We partner with families and communities trapped in the cycle of poverty, empowering them with sustainable economic solutions in order to free children from forced labor.

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Solving the Problem

We believe in Empowerment, Hope, Education, Reunification, and Sustainability.

Our process is holistic, attacking the root causes of child trafficking in Ghana. This is a complex problem that demands equally complex solutions.

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Changing the Story

Every good story begins
with people.

Our people are little boys and girls working on Lake Volta, moms and dads too poor and tired to imagine a different way, and rural fishermen - many whom were trafficked children themselves - who lack the education and training to break the cycle of poverty. See how we’re bringing new life to each of their stories.

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giving for good

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We believe in the collective power of people using their gifts to bring good to the world.

Since our inception, we’ve marveled at what happens when a bunch of ordinary people commit to doing something beautiful together. We can’t wait to see how you use your gifts to help bring more freedom in Ghana.