Come Join the Village

In the native language of Ghana, Akurase is the word for 'village'. A village partnership in Ghana is at the core of our sustainable approach to eliminating child slavery, but our mission is dependent on another village as well – that of our generous supporters who make this meaningful work possible. When you set up a recurring donation of any amount to Mercy Project, you automatically become a member of the Akurase. While you can cancel your recurring donation at any time, setting up your monthly gifts makes it easy for you to create positive impact throughout the year.

Akurase gifts are used to support all facets of Mercy Project’s operation. As a member, you directly touch rescued children and their families to insure reunification is permanent. You are an extension of our village partnerships which provide a successful fishing operation to replace the need for child labor. You support our staff which includes 13 native Ghanaians who maintain relationships with the children and villages, helping to raise their fellow Ghanaians out of extreme poverty.

We are seeking new monthly donors who will commit to helping us rescue our next 100 children. Your monthly donation is vital for Mercy Project to accomplish this goal.

There are no levels of giving within the Akurase because each dollar truly counts. To illustrate what your monthly gift might support at various levels:



Support ongoing parent education for reunified families


Support aquaculture training for fisherman in partner villages


Support weekly meetings for rescued children in Ghana



Promote ongoing village partnership through transportation support covering Lake Volta


Support family reunification including travel for parents to visit rescued children at the rehabilitation shelter



  • YOU actively help end child slavery in Ghana!

  • Bi-annual update directly from our Founder Chris Field, available only to Akurase members

  • Monthly e-newsletter