I am being EDUCATED

My name is Eli, and my little brother Albert and I are from a small fishing community near Lake Volta. We lived with our mom and dad, but one day they left us to go make more money in another country.

We had to fish every day, and it was hard. The nets were big and heavy, and the water dangerous. We never thought we could attend school like other children. One day visitors came to our village to teach our master – and other fishermen – a new way to fish in cages. We heard the adults talk about us leaving soon, though we didn’t trust to believe it. But then, the dream came true.

We left the village with many other children. First, we all went to a place where we had our own beds and started school classes. Soon after, we went to live with our grandmother. Our grandmother is lovely and takes great care of us. Now Albert and I get to go to school. We are both in grade 5, and our favorite subject is math. I am first in my class, and my brother is third. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

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