I have HOPE

My name is Rebecca. As a little girl, I was unable to continue my education beyond primary school, but I was always willing to work hard. I was a strong young woman, and I found a good job carrying heavy things on top of my head.

But then I became ill. The doctors could not help me, and soon my strength left me. My husband left me too. I could no longer work or provide for my children. I was desperate, so I sent my daughter Vida to work in a fishing village. She was too young to work so hard, but I knew at least she would have food. 

Not long ago, Mercy Project found me. They gave me a micro-loan to help me open a business. I am now the owner of a small clothing shop. I have even learned to manage my books and use a calculator, and I am already planning my expansion. My daughter Vida has returned home too. I am proud she goes to school and has an opportunity I never received.

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