I have been EMPOWERED

My name is Rejoice, and I once lived in a small fishing community on Lake Volta. I lived there with my husband of 10 years. One day my husband passed away unexpectedly, and suddenly I had no means to provide for my four children. I moved to the city in search of work, leaving my children with other fishing families who gave me a small amount of money in trade for their work. 

City life was difficult. I worked hard as a food vendor but made less than $1 per day. When Mercy Project found me, they asked if I would like to receive my children back. I said I would like this very much because life before their father died was wonderful. 

Mercy Project’s staff became my friends. We talked about parenting, budgets, schooling, and how to be a good mom. Mercy Project taught me business lessons like income and expenses. They helped me buy in bulk and relocate to an emerging neighborhood. Soon, my children returned home. They are now in school, my business is growing, and my joy and confidence have returned.

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